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here are some top steps you can take to make your home operate more efficiently. It has been estimated that UK homes waste £500 million every year through lost heat and poor insulation. Why not consider one of the following steps:

  1. Loft Insulation

Each home could save on average £160 a year by installing good insulation in their property. Some top-quality loft insulation will keep your home warmer for longer, meaning you can turn down the thermostat and save yourself some hard-earned cash.

  1. Upgrade your boiler

If you’re running an old boiler that’s inefficient, you could be wasting up to £200 a year on your energy bills. Updating your current boiler could be an ideal way to reduce your bills for the long-term. You’ll also be reducing your property’s carbon emissions. Boilers are rated on a scale with A being the best efficiency. Investing in a new model could give you considerable savings in the future. For Gloucester Boiler Installation, visit

  1. Use thick curtains and door insulation

A simple trick is to hang heavier curtains to prevent excess heat escaping through the windows. During the winter, it also helps to make your home feel more comfy and warm. Using stick-on door insulation for areas where a draught comes through is another simple and cheap option.

  1. Learn how much energy you consume

Knowing how much energy you’re using can be helpful for the whole family and encourage you to make cutbacks where you can. An energy monitor is a useful device that your whole family can see, and some will tell you how much that energy is costing you. By being able to visually see what is being consumed and the cost encourages families to cut back on their usage and potentially save around £110 a year.

  1. Consider double glazing

Homeowners who don’t already have double glazing are missing out. It can make a considerable difference to your annual fuel bills. The initial layout will be large, but you need to off-set that with the longer-term savings to be had as double glazing keeps more heat trapped inside your home.

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  1. Find a cheaper tariff

Do some research and spend time locating the best and cheapest energy deal for your needs. There are often deals available and special offers, so be savvy and hunt for some great options for keeping your home running more efficiently.