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One of the things that you pay attention to when selling your home is the overall appeal because first impressions matter. That is, how prospective buyers perceive your property goes a long way in determining whether they will purchase the property and the ability to command the best price. Therefore, you may want to consider home staging. While home staging services are costly, you can do it on your own for a lot less. Here are 5 expert tips to stage your home like a professional:

Keep away your personal items.When staging your home for a quick house sale, you want the buyer to imagine himself or herself in that space. Unfortunately, having your stuff in can often doesn’t leave any room for imagination. If anything, prospective buyers will only see a crumped up space. Therefore, you must consider keeping away your personal stuff as a way of depersonalizing the home. This includes your pictures and other personal stuff.Remember, pictures are such a distraction. Instead, you can leave the general items that are part of the décor or ambience of the home while making sure that these too are not in excess.

Clear all the clutter. This cannot be overemphasized. Decluttering is a simple way to catch the attention of prospective buyers as they are able to see the house for what it is. You’ll do well to get rid of items from countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen. You also must remove any toys lying around the house because the prospective buyers may be empty nesters. Decluttering leaves behind a lot of room making the environment spacious. You can put away all the unnecessary items in boxes and stack them in the garage or use a storage unit that you can use to move your stuff to your new home once a buyer has been found.

Rearrange and neutralize rooms. Always try and view your property through the eyes of prospective buyers. You could also rearrange the house to draw in potential buyers. Ensure that each room has a distinct purpose. You may want to look up for ideas of how to various rooms are furnished in a manner that is appealing. At this point, you also want to neutralize the rooms by introducing neutral hues that are guaranteed to appeal to buyers and not your favouritecolours. Remember, painting the interior often has a good return on investment.

Scrub and deodorize. Cleanliness of your property is another crucial aspect to watch out for. A dirty and smelly home is a definite turn off for any potential buyer. In fact, they will not see anything else to look forward to even if the house has some of the greatest features. Therefore, you need to take time and give your house a sparkle by scrubbing and deodorizing thus leaving it with a shine. This will definitely appeal to buyers making them fall in love with the property. The best way to introduce a nice aroma by baking some cookies or simply boiling some cinnamon sticks to mask any smells before each viewing. By all means, avoid using artificial scents even if it is your favourite because some buyers may have allergies thus making this a turn off for them.

Enhance your kerb appeal. Whatever you do to the interior of your home, never forget to take care of the kerb appeal. Don’t overlook the role of the exterior of your home when selling. If anything, the external appearance of your property is as important as the interior as it all goes to build on the first impression. Make sure the lawn is well mowed and the driveway and walkway are free of any debris and clutter. Pressure cleaning the sidewalk and driveway is a good move.Additionally, ensure that the house number is visible.

It is possible to get your house ready for sale without involving a professional. However, if you feel this is too much or you do not have the time to stage your home, you can always sell your house fast to a quick house sale company.

Below you will find links directly to current Hardwood Flooring And Ceramic Tile prices and the most up to date information available about Ceramic Tile Installation pricing. Our floor installations are in part, on display in the Highway 85 store in Atlanta, as we have done almost all the Tile and Wood Display work in the warehouse!

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History’s most famous buildings made extensive use of natural flooring materials that were elegant, wear resistant and withstood the test of time. Natural stone and ceramic floor tiles deliver unparalleled performance. They always look great and never go out of style. Many of these materials are moisture resistant and ideal for entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere liquids are present.

These classic tiles are made from clay that is molded and baked at searing hot temperatures. This produces a smooth and extremely hard surface. Like glass, clay contains silicate minerals. Ceramic and porcelain are comprised of phyllosilicates that melt during the firing process to create a smooth, durable surface. Many porcelain and ceramic tiles are glazed, which has certain benefits and drawbacks.
Unglazed tiles might be right for your home if they’re being installed in a laundry room, kitchen, foyer or anywhere slip resistance is required. Glazed tiles provide homeowners with a wider range of styles and colors. Glazed tiles are further broken down into matte and satin finishes that are more durable and slip resistant than glossy varieties that are used on walls and backsplashes. Glazed tiles are rated according to their wear resistance using a numeral system that ranges from I to V.
Porcelain tiles are made from a type of high-density clay that produces a non-porous, moisture-resistant surface. This makes porcelain tiles ideal for baths, patios and high-moisture areas. Porcelain is also frost resistant and can be used outdoors.

Although travertine does not have the name recognition of marble or granite, it has been used to build some of the most iconic buildings in Western Civilization. Travertine was used to construct the Roman Coliseum and is featured throughout California’s Mediterranean-style Getty Villa, which is dedicated to the study of Greek and Roman culture. This relative of limestone is prized for its creamy white or tan facade that imparts an old-world look to the elegant spaces it adorns. Travertine tile is often tumbled with sand and pebbles to create a worn appearance. Due to travertine’s porous structure, it’s often filled with resin to create a stronger, smoother surface before it is honed. This limestone relative is quite porous and cannot be shined or highly polished.Natural stone floor tiles are highly individual. These materials have been in the making over the course of millennia, and each tile features subtle variations that add to its elegant appearance. Floor and Decor is your source for ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as natural stone flooring materials. These products are available in a variety of sizes ranging from four-inch accent tiles to 18-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch tile slabs. You’ll also find a variety of decorative octagonal and hexagonal tiles as well as bullnose tiles that will add a professional look to your project.